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The Difference Between the Known and the Unknown is Publicity

" Fortune favors the bold"
VIRGIL - The Aeneid

Atlantic United, Inc. was established with an international investment of half a million dollars in 1992 on Madison Avenue, New York City and is now bicoastal, with its second office in Santa Monica, California.

Adrienne Papp (BIO) has been its President and CEO since 1992, and since 2002 has become its majority stockholder. Under her management, Atlantic�s success has exceeded expectations and the company had no outstanding liabilities. Atlantic is a successful and expanding company gaining more and more public recognition nationally and internationally within the public relations industry.

Atlantics mission is to provide the highest quality of personalized publicity for its clients by building the right public image through various media outlets thereby assisting them in becoming industry leaders through key positioning.

We believe that educational information presented in a professional manner and backed with scientific data, rather than sensational glitz, is the key that will take public messages the farthest. Truthful, intimate portrayals through one-on-one mission-oriented interviews is the primary approach in all areas, including the world of entertainment.

It is our commitment to speak and educate about world trends. Important current issues are also in the focus. We provide a path to publicity for celebrities and outstanding achievers of all walks of life, focusing on such categories as health and fitness, green energy, beauty, global warming and solutions; world hunger and charities, presented with the highest integrity of classic journalism. We seek to introduce exciting, unique products and services to the general public through story-telling.

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Adrienne Papp

President and CEO, Editor in Chief
Adrienne's Resume

Elizabeth Montgomery

Executive Producer

Adrienne Papp

Executive Producer

John Huff

Trade Mark Counsel

Katelin Mantey

Assistant to Adrienne Papp

Max Flower

Television Broadcast

Benny Velsa

Assistant to Adrienne Papp

Bobby Quillard

Master Photographer

Ian Matthews

Assistant to Adrienne Papp

Nachman Flatt

CPA, Head of Accountings

Adrienne Papp

Wardrobe Stylist

Yash karmchandani

Senior IT Executive

Richard Bernstein

Corporate Attorney, Treasury

Dennis Fredricks / FREDRICKS & VON DER HORST

Legal Counsel, Business and Legal Affairs

Kim Stacy

Website Designer

Jon Freis

Legal Counsel, Business and Corporate Affairs

John Martinez

Associate Producer

Michael Muraca

Client Relations Director

Bradley Spencer

Wordpress and SEO Consultant

Ashley Parish

Celebrity Photographer

MIchael Koehn


Carolyn Matini

Youthful and Ageless Consultant

Marc Jacobs

Print Design